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You’ll see in these case studies how we are able to thoroughly understand the situation at hand, face the challenges and exceed every expectation with our stunning solutions.

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Case Studies

There is no greater source than Workspace Interiors for quality office furniture and solutions.

Acco Brands Open Plan Headquarters
From chaos to collaboration, company brings employees together in new environment

New open plan headquarters unifies employees, sparks collaboration.

Centari Construction Group
Baldwin School District

Where four classrooms transformed into modern, instructionally driven learning environments

Centari Construction Group
Centuri Construction Group, Inc.

Where three office spaces evolve into one cohesive and flexible environment

Satellite Healthcare Project Headquarters
High-End Headquarters: Satellite Healthcare Project

Workspace Interiors and DGA Architects design a modern interior to match its upscale exterior

Mobile Furniture Solutions
Design, education and collaboration for an innovative learning environment

Flexible, mobile furniture solutions support learning as a social process

Furniture Standardization
Hospital puts community first with a world-class outpatient facility

Furniture standardization controls costs, improves purchase management.

Furniture Standards Program
Furniture standards program streamlines the process

Establishing furniture standards provides medical clinics with consistency and cost efficiency.

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