Redefine How You Work

These days, a workspace isn’t just a space to work. It’s a mindset that reflects the culture of your company. Collaborate with the office furniture specialists at ODP Business Solutions™ Workspace Interiors to redefine how you get the job done.

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Furniture & Design Resources

Workspace Interiors has the people and resources in place to assist you with every step of your project. Our office furniture specialists will collaborate with you to craft a unique, functional workspace. The tools below offer insight into workplace planning to help you get a jump start and begin thinking of what’s important to your organization.

Office furniture specialists – Down To Business

Down To Business

Gearing up for a workspace project? Let’s take the time to assess your goals and solidify a long-term vision, together.

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Space To Imagine Dreambook

Corporate Look Book

Every great workspace starts with a dream. We’ll help make it a reality. Browse our corporate look book to find your own inspiration.

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Education Dreambook

Education Look Book

Browse a dynamic selection of products that pair technology with furniture to help stimulate critical thinking and foster collaboration.

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Healthcare Look book

Healthcare Look Book

View one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the healthcare furniture industry and see how your facility's environment can help affect positive patient outcomes.

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Thinking Of Everything

Thinking Of Everything

Here are some of the key considerations that will help make sure every job’s done right, on time and on budget.

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Workplace furniture – Glossary

Workplace Glossary

A partnership with us is as easy as A, B, C. Expand your knowledge of everything we have to offer in our workspace glossary.

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Workplace furniture – Glossary

Interiors Case Studies

Browse our furniture case studies to see how we face challenges and exceed every expectation with our stunning solutions.

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Down To Business

Gearing Up For A Workspace Project

When exploring the idea of a new workspace project, it’s important to take the time to solidify the long-term vision well in advance. For instance, how will the new space reflect a company culture today, while being positioned to support future business goals? And what kinds of experts and resources are required to achieve this vision?

The resources below outline important considerations that should be addressed before a project begins. They also can help establish a strong foundation as a project moves into the concept phase.

Discuss your ideas and questions with a Workspace Interiors office furniture specialist to find the approach that best fits your particular needs.

Workspace Floorplan

Inspiration at your fingertips

View our Look Books to see how Workspace Interiors can help you take your space from concept to completion — and bring inspiration to ever industry.


Thinking Of Everything

Making key decisions and completing specific tasks in a timely fashion are crucial to keeping an office redesign on time and on budget.

Whether this is your first design project or you are a seasoned pro, the steps below can serve as a good reminder of the activities you’ll need to be involved in throughout all phases of the project — from concept to completion.

As always, know that every project is different, so be sure to consult your experienced office furniture team for tasks, deadlines and responsibilities. Your team will take care of coordinating with the proper contractors at the proper time.

Design Related Activities

  • Establish budget parameters and timeline.
  • Coordinate contractors and designers.
  • Take measurements and consider site conditions/special needs circumstances.
  • Create a floor plan that makes the best possible use of available space.
  • Create a floor plan that’s adaptable to changing technology.
  • Assess furniture durability needs and consider the ergonomic needs of the workplace.
  • Establish if elements of this project need to be environmentally friendly.

Manufacturing Related Activities

  • Confirm order details and shipping dates to establish installation schedule.
  • Track products to ensure timely delivery.
  • If any changes are made to the order, investigate potential impact on timeline and budget.
  • Create regular project status reports.

Installation Related Activities

  • Build a project schedule.
  • Electrical and data needs coordination — work with electricians and data contractors to determine company consumption needs and details for providing power supply and data cables to each work area.
  • Define the responsibilities and coordination needs for move management, delivery and installation.
  • Coordinate move management, delivery and installation.
  • Determine if local permits are required and who is responsible for obtaining the permits.
  • Determine if the project needs to be union or nonunion.
  • Establish delivery and installation as normal working hours or overtime hours and requirements such as third-floor walk-up, etc.
  • After installation is complete, walk through space and create a list of follow-up tasks.

Post Project Maintenance Activities

  • Train employees on how to adjust, use and care for furniture.
  • Train employees on best practices for workstation ergonomics.
  • If a problem is identified, coordinate with contract furniture team and manufacturer for proper resolution.
  • Continue to work with contract furniture team to service ongoing maintenance requests and answer any questions.
  • Select artwork and color palettes for walls, floors, window treatments and other aesthetic considerations.
  • Map out a strategy for future expansion and reconfiguration.
  • Obtain most current drawing of space from architect in hard-copy and electronic formats.
  • Establish the building requirements/restrictions.
  • Confirm compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Standards for Accessible Design and Accessible Means of Egress.

Workplace Glossary

When considering a new project, it’s important to know your options. Use the resource below to expand your knowledge of basic office furniture terms, workspace function definitions, and common design industry words and phrases. Then let your Workspace Interiors office furniture specialist help you find products that fit your needs

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