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Tips for Working From Home

The designers at Workspace Interiors by Office Depot® share their tips for working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Corporate Office Design Color Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Is gray's moment over? As we move forward into a new decade, expect evolving corporate office design trends to embrace new colors.

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Benefits of Height-Adjustable Desks

Here are four reasons why you should consider including height-adjustable desks as part of your workplace wellness program.

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Five Tips for Finding High-Quality Commercial Office Furniture

When buying new commercial office furniture, it’s a good idea to investigate furniture quality to get the best return on investment for your budget and performance expectations over time.

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The Case for Modular Casework: When to Choose Manufactured Furniture

Modular casework and millwork both meet the immediate needs of workspace design, but modular casework offers long-term advantages not possible with millwork. 

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NeoCon19: What to See, Experience and Eat

NeoCon19 is coming up fast. The event that shows the commercial design industry what’s next is held in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart every June. This year’s dates are June 10-12.

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Patient-Focused Design Can Help Improve Satisfaction Scores

By implementing patient-focused design, hospitals can create spaces that influence patients’ perception of the quality of their stays & improve satisfaction scores.

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Flexible Learning Spaces in Schools

Here are suggestions from school districts that Workspace Interiors by Office Depot has worked with, on how to design flexible learning spaces that teachers will love and use.

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Healthcare Spotlight: Multifunctional Spaces

More and more hospitals are creating flexible environments to maximize functionality while minimizing their footprint.  This change has largely been driven by the move towards more private rooms, which results from the need to improve the patient experience as well as concerns about infection control.

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Secrets of Success: A Guide for Furniture Electrical

For many, discussing the electrical configuration of furniture projects can feel like sticking a finger in a socket.  Most people tend to want to shy away and put a safety cap on the outlet — leaving it for someone else to manage. 

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Blurring the Lines in Education Design: K–12 to Higher Ed to Corporate America

Over the last decade, plenty has been written about the evolution of collaborative workspaces in Corporate America, while the blurring of lines between design for education and Corporate America has remained under the radar. Comfort has been introduced with collaborative work from an early age so that the work style naturally progresses from kindergarten to the workplace.

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Evidence-Based: The Healing Impact of Art in Healthcare

If you’ve been to a healthcare facility recently, you may have noticed a pleasant change from years past — a softer, warmer, more homelike setting. No, you weren’t dreaming. Thanks to a number of studies over the last decade that point to the positive impact of art, many healthcare facilities have begun to emphasize art in clinical facilities of all types — inpatient, outpatient, pediatric, senior living and behavioral health. Interestingly, positive impacts are not limited to patients; they also extend to families and staff. 

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