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Draw the Outside World in With Indoor Landscaping

Connecting with nature is an ideal stress-buster. It's one that people have embraced more than ever the last few years, especially if they've worked from home. Taking a short walk or some deep breaths outside can help improve productivity, a sense of wellness and optimism during the workday.

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Reconfigure Any Workspace With Demountable Walls

As employees continue to head back to the office, many businesses are looking for flexible ways to reconfigure their workplaces. Demountable walls can help you optimize space and enhance functionality with easy-to-install, customizable options.

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Sourcing GSA-Approved Contract Office Furniture in Time to Meet the Fiscal Year Deadline

If you're looking for GSA-approved office furniture, ODP Business Solutions™ Workspace Interiors has options available that can simplify the purchasing process.

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Decommissioning Offices When Downsizing or Closing Workspaces

For a facilities or office manager, figuring out what to do with furniture that is no longer needed because a workplace is downsizing or closing can be challenging.

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School Desk Shields: Equipping Your Learning Spaces

As schools look toward reopening or expanding in-person learning, administrators and planning committees may be exploring the addition of physical barriers to school desks used by students, teachers and staff.

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One Size Does Not Fit All: Tips for Choosing Ergonomic Chairs

Employees working remotely have likely discovered that the chairs in their homes that are great for lounging or dining don’t provide the support they need for extended periods in front of their computers. It may be time to offer ergonomic office chairs to your distributed workforce.

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Gaming Chairs and Furniture Solutions for Esports

Players’ bodies come in many shapes and sizes. Gaming chairs are built to provide both comfort and support for extended playing time.

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Office Lighting Ideas for Home and Work

Get office lighting ideas for home and work from our designers. Lighting can play a role in whether employees are motivated or unfocused.

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Reopening Office Spaces

As workplaces begin to reopen, many facilities managers are searching for options for reopening office spaces. Read more for creative solutions.

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Workplace Social Distancing Guidance

As the world of work is changing, organizations may be thinking about ways to reconfigure their workplaces with social distancing in mind.

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Four Workplace Safety Measures to Consider When Making Plans to Reopen Workspaces

Here are four employee protection categories to consider when planning workplace safety measures.

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Tips for Working From Home

The designers at ODP Business Solutions™ Workspace Interiors share their tips for working from home during these trying times.

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