Satellite Healthcare

ODP Business Solutions® Workspace Interiors and DGA Architects design a modern office space interior to match its upscale exterior.

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Satellite Healthcare’s new headquarters is in a building located at the entrance of the upscale Santana Row in San Jose, CA.

Project specs:

  • Location: San Jose, California
  • Space: 16,234 sq. ft.
  • Office Seating: 20
  • Open Workspace Seating: 43
  • Conference Rooms: 7
  • Design Firm: DGA Architects

When ODP Business Solutions® Workspace Interiors and San Francisco-based DGA Architects were asked to design the new corporate headquarters for Satellite Healthcare, the objective was clear: create a modern, functional workspace interior that reflected the company’s high-end home.

Since 1973, Satellite Healthcare has been improving the lives of people with chronic kidney diseases through its more than thirty dialysis clinics and more than twenty home-dialysis training and support centers throughout the United States. Workspace Interiors serves as the nonprofit’s furniture dealer for its dialysis clinics, making this project a departure from the more basic and utilitarian design of the company’s stand-alone clinics.

"The building which we moved was built with sustainability principles in mind, so we wanted our environment to reflect that as well.”

Colin Carthen / Satellite Healthcare

In addition to Satellite Healthcare’s vision for its new modern office space design, Workspace Interiors and DGA also had to consider the requirements of the building’s owner. The 16,234 square foot, largely open-plan interior space—with conference areas and private offices—is on the third floor of a building completely clad in glass. Because of this, certain design standards needed to be met for furniture that could be viewed from the street level. For instance, workstations were required to be at least three feet away from the glass and had partition height restrictions. Also required was a high-quality finish on furniture that could be viewed through the windows.

The product lines selected appealed to Satellite Healthcare because they are part of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s certification program for low-emitting products, and the wood elements come from sustainable forests.

To achieve these goals, the Workspace Interiors team recommended a blend of furniture product lines for the open office areas. The furniture provided boast modern, clean lines and a classic design, with adjustable height panels to foster communication and let in natural light. Frosted glass was incorporated for privacy between the workstations, and storage with fabric seating pads served the multiple purposes of guest seating, storage and an extension of the desktop space.

Workspace Interiors and DGA Architects worked within building design standards, such as the proximity of furniture to the glass exterior.

An additional challenge was the project’s timeline which, from start to finish, was approximately two months. Workspace Interiors worked closely with DGA to make certain the furniture was ordered and arrived on time and coordinated with the contractor to ensure that furniture installation and placement matched up with power sources. Workspace Interiors also supervised specialty work, including the installation of microphones into a conference room table to be used with a state-of-the-art automated conference room system.

Throughout the course of the project, Workspace Interiors handled many responsibilities that would have typically fallen on the shoulders of a very busy Colin Carthen, Supply Chain Manager for Satellite Healthcare. Carthen’s job responsibilities included negotiating contracts for supplies and services across the entire organization.

These workrooms provide a private space for visitors and employees and are controlled by a sophisticated computer reservation system.

The finished product was an elegant, yet dynamic, space that complemented the strong architecture of the building and its surroundings. “We’re all about business development, partnering with doctors to construct facilities around the country,” says Carthen. “We wanted to project a certain image with our headquarters, and our new facility and furniture selections will allow us to do that.”

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"Because Workspace Interiors was so involved, the only thing I had to do was facilitate communication. There was a very tight timelilne on this project and they dropped everything to make sure it was completed on time and to specifications.”

Colin Carthen/Satellite Healthcare

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