Centuri Construction Group, Inc.

Where three office spaces evolve into one cohesive and flexible environment

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The nationwide presence of ODP Business Solutions® Workspace Interiors matched Centuri Construction Group’s need for excellent coordination and support in multiple locales. When Centuri looked at consolidating offices in one city, it turned to a reliable partner.

Project specs:

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Space: 61,731 sq. ft.
  • Buildings: 1
  • Employees: 148
  • Workspaces: 200

Centuri Construction Group, Inc. is a comprehensive utility infrastructure services enterprise dedicated to meeting the growing demands of North American utility, energy and industrial markets. It executes major construction projects that include natural gas distribution systems, utility infrastructure, industrial facilities and fuel storage. As a result, it requires an array of satellite offices to support these major projects at their various locations.

Workspace Interiors is a long-time partner in getting Centuri’s facilities up and running, generally on very short notice as soon as a contract is awarded. In addition, the nationwide presence of Workspace Interiors matches Centuri’s need for coordinated support in multiple locales.

Centuri has also maintained major office facilities in three separate locations. The Workspace Interiors team has worked to create a uniform facility standard in all locations, helping enhance each client’s corporate brand.

Improving efficiencies while making good impressions.

Based on past successes, Centuri asked Workspace Interiors to take on a new design challenge: consolidate three offices into one headquarters environment that would be adaptable as Centuri’s business needs change.

In 2016, Centuri decided to improve efficiency by consolidating three major office locations into a new headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. The move was an opportunity to create an updated workplace that conserved space, was more flexible and further elevated the company’s brand image.

Centuri wanted to create an open plan office environment that employees would find welcoming and supportive of their work requirements. This large project included nearly 200 workstations. The move-in schedule was aggressive. Timely delivery and execution were essential.

Creating privacy that fosters productivity.

Workers were accustomed to traditional walled offices. Privacy had to be considered. For the solution to retaining privacy in the new open plan office, designers at Workspace Interiors turned to Trendway’s Capture® system and Intrinsic® freestanding furniture.

Workplace Interiors Designer Carolyn Swisher and Account Manager Lindsey Johnson closely consulted Centuri staff to understand their requirements from every point of view. Workers were accustomed to traditional walled offices, so their privacy expectations had to be taken into account. In addition, the company anticipated an ongoing need for floor plan changes and future reconfigurations, so it wanted furniture that would simplify that process as much as possible.

Capture was configured to deliver plenty of privacy within the open office setting. Better yet, it offered simplicity and quality along with needed flexibility.

Centuri had previous experience with a furniture system from a large manufacturer and was disappointed by the poor quality and response it received. When the client asked Workplace Interiors for other options, Trendway and the Capture System were natural choices. Trendway has been a perfect ally for Centuri — helping to meet these challenges with outstanding quick, on-time delivery, customer service and a broad selection of quality products.

Transitioning through positive change with flexible design.

Carolyn and Lindsey needed to select a product mix that would meet the needs of a range of users and a dynamic workplace. The client had already been impressed by the simplicity, flexibility and quality of the Capture® frame and tile system in its satellite offices. Possibly the easiest-to-install system on the market, Capture also allows users to change panel height, tile type and surface materials without disassembling any of the panel frames. It became the key element of the new floor plan.

The design reflected the users’ preference for a more enclosed work space, with higher panels placed to provide visual privacy.

The selected palette is light, bright and modern. Intrinsic freestanding adds a traditional touch with the appealing look of wood casegoods. The Centuri employees are very positive about their new space and transitioning well to a different kind of workplace.


Making a floor plan work into the future.

Partner with Workspace Interiors to gain extensive experience in existing trends, proven solutions and innovative products — to help redefine how your business environments can be an integral part of your best productivity and future planning.

Real-world examples. Real-world results.

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