Furniture for Higher Education

The Workspace Interiors team at ODP Business Solutions can help you keep your institution ahead of the curve with collaborative, flexible, and innovative spaces that connect people and reflect real-life work environments.

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Learning spaces for long-term success

Even high-performing college students can have a hard time adjusting to the world of work once they graduate. We can help your institution create modern learning environments that help ease student transitions into the workforce.

Every space is in a class of its own

When it’s time to think beyond classrooms and faculty offices, it’s time for Workspace Interiors. We’ll help you furnish every space in your institution, including libraries, student lounges, computer labs, esport environments, dorms, and locker areas.

Education Look Book

Education Look Book

Browse a dynamic selection of higher education products that pair technology with furniture to help stimulate critical thinking and foster collaboration.

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EverySpace Fulton Showroom

Furnishing success for students and faculty

Whether you’re looking for next-generation learning environments that help deliver invaluable experiences, foster collaboration, and encourage connections in ways that will serve students well in the workforce — or innovative, inspiring workspaces that can enhance faculty interaction and boost productivity, we have you covered.

  • Comprehensive product assortment and services
  • Relationships with 200+ furniture industry leaders
  • Flexible and agile furniture for modern classrooms

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Providing comfort on campus

When students aren’t in the classroom, they can feel a sense of comfort and connection through dorm room furniture such as beds, desks, chairs, and lamps — plus common area soft seating, large tables, and highboy seating. These common areas can serve as dining halls, lounges, learning centers, and other collaborative spaces to match the rhythm and flow of the modern workplace. Benefits include:

  • Facilitating informal conversations and networking with peers from diverse backgrounds
  • Providing quiet areas for concentration or private spaces for group collaboration
  • Helping students engage in recreational activities during free time
  • Serving as centralized meeting points for organized group events
  • Bringing the student community together as a convenient venue
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Innovation, inside and out

Gathering spaces support everything from brainstorming to training to unwinding. Versatile seating, tables with integrated technology and power, showcase displays, and more can help keep your institution’s community connected. In addition, outside areas can be ideal for learning and collaboration when students and faculty want a change of scene or space at a premium. When it’s time to start, Workspace Interiors is ready to help.


  • Space planning and design
  • Commercial-grade solutions
  • Furniture standards program
  • Ergonomic program


  • Order placement and management
  • Installation and delivery arrangements
  • Asset management
  • Decommissioning

Furniture is just the beginning

Although Workspace Interiors is known for offering a wide range of furniture, we also provide artwork, accessories, and even storage options to colleges and universities. For example, our ergonomic accessories can help you keep people comfortable and engaged while our lockers can be customized with your institution’s logo to help encourage school spirit.

Solutions like these are just another example of how we help bring variety to your campus and can tailor products to your specific needs.

Experience that evolves, semester after semester

With years of experience in the higher education market — plus relationships with some of the best furniture manufacturers in the industry — Workspace Interiors provides proven space planning, fabric and finish, ergonomic evaluations, and furniture installation to help you create campus environments that move forward.

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