Custom Solutions

From supplementing your current furniture standards program to connecting your multilocation offices through custom web-based technology, we have the tools to help.

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Custom Furniture Solutions Just
for You

At ODP Business Solutions® Workspace Interiors, we strive to develop custom furniture solutions that address your ever-changing needs and help make your job easier.

Designed to Deliver

Our innovative designers create the tools needed to manage your office space furniture concerns by pairing technology and real-world logic.

Custom Web-Based Technology

Using OCI-SAP or cXML-based protocols for full “round-trip punchout” capabilities, Workspace Interiors can easily connect and communicate with your e-procurement system.

Customized Catalogs

Eliminate the risk of maverick buys or transactional errors. Our catalogs feature a limited selection of standard furniture items, color renderings and pricing and can be viewed by location or function.

Typicals and Quotes

Facilitate quick purchasing for full-size, large-scale projects and spot buys.

Information Portal

We can create and maintain a portal for you to view all information related to your furniture investments.


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