Return to Business Furniture Program

As businesses continue to reopen their offices and welcome employees as they return to work, there is an increased focus on equipping workspaces with services and solutions that can help strike a balance between comfort, productivity and wellness. ODP Business Solutions® Workspace Interiors can help.

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Furniture and accessories

Facilitating a comfortable blend of form and function

Implementing ergonomic and scalable furniture, personal storage, demountable walls and partitions, lighting solutions and even sound masking can help make your workspace more comfortable for your on-site staff.


Our return-to-work program for your workspace

From space planning to traffic flow planning to installation and even to decommissioning your current space, Workspace Interiors is committed to offering services that can help you maximize your work environment.

Fabrics and finishes

Furnishing your office to help support wellness

Whether they’re antimicrobial agents added to fabrics, hard surfaces designed for easier cleaning or reduced seams and folds on furniture, our solutions can help you reduce the spread of germs in your workplace.

Working from anywhere

Equipping employees for comfort and connectivity

Although many of your employees may be returning to the office, some may be working remotely or on a hybrid basis. Office furniture can help facilitate a seamless work experience — wherever business gets done.

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