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Author: Marina Fletcher

The world of business is always evolving, and so are modern workspaces. As people strive to find ways to work smarter, contemporary office buildings are following suit. In fact, today’s technology is helping businesses create intelligent workspaces that automatically react and adjust to occupancy levels, environmental conditions, and energy usage.

By combining these advancements, standard working environments can become “smart offices.” While the utilization of leading-edge technology in office spaces is nothing new, smart offices have a specific focus on improving efficiency, sustainability, and employee comfort.

ODP Business Solutions® Workspace Interiors can help you integrate elements like smart lighting, advanced AV systems, charging stations, stylish tech-friendly furniture, and more, so you can power up your office for optimized productivity.

Lightbulb moments

Lightbulb moments

Looking to help make your office more efficient? Installing smart lighting is a great first step. Some systems allow lightbulbs to be programmed and controlled through software and apps, while others use occupancy and daylight sensors to automatically adjust light levels. This can help reduce energy waste in empty rooms, but how does smart lighting benefit employees?

  • Proper lighting can help reduce eye strain and improve computer-based reading comfort*
  • Energy-efficient task lighting can help reduce harsh overhead lighting levels, which can also help reduce office energy usage and associated costs*
  • Employees can personalize lighting at their workstations to suit their tasks


Clever comfort

Clever comfort

Is it possible to make air purification in your office smarter? With a solution like networked air purifiers and monitoring from Fellowes® Array™, the answer is yes. Array uses intuitive monitoring and display technologies to help you view the exact air quality status of your workspace in real time.

Since every workspace is unique, Array gives you the flexibility to choose from an integrated range of air purifiers, sensors, and monitoring software — all of which can be connected to form a complete network for cleaner air in any room, floor, or space. Using a cloud-based dashboard that integrates data from your selected air purifiers, UV-C sterilization machines, and indoor air quality sensors, this system can provide complete visibility of your space’s air quality.

EnviroSmart+™ Technology then continuously monitors your workspace for changes in occupancy density and conditions of your environment and automatically adjusts your units to ramp up or down to address a change in contaminants. Decision-makers in your office can then take control by scheduling maintenance needs, tracking air quality over time, and seeing how energy usage is correlated.

Meeting of the minds

Meeting of the minds

Integrated audiovisual systems can help create more collaboration-friendly workspaces, and smarter AV can also enable better teamwork among employees. Here’s how:

  • Videoconferencing systems can help hybrid teams communicate effortlessly
  • Employees can use their phones, tablets, and laptops to share smart interactive displays and video walls seamlessly
  • Voice-controlled AV technology enables easy screen sharing without manual operation
  • Digital signage can be used for wayfinding, announcements, and the displaying of key data
Charging forward

Charging forward

As hybrid working trends continue and offices are encouraging more mobility, standard power outlets may be insufficient to keep up with battery-hungry phones and laptops. Smart charging stations provide access and flexibility around the office, which can help reduce concerns about finding free outlets — plus provide convenient rapid charging for employee devices, that include:

  • USB
  • Wireless Qi
  • AC ports

Now that’s smart

Integrating smart technologies like lighting, AV systems, networked air purification, and charging stations can help create a more comfortable, efficient, and collaborative workspace which may lead to happier, more productive employees.

In addition, smart offices demonstrate a forward-thinking culture that values innovation, and this is just the beginning. The workplace of the future will most likely leverage AI and automation to create an optimal environment. Businesses that implement smart solutions today may have a competitive advantage in the future.

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