School Desk Shields: Equipping Your Learning Spaces

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Author: Marina Fletcher

Equipping Your Learning Spaces with School Desk Shields

As schools look toward reopening or expanding in-person learning, administrators and planning committees may be exploring the addition of physical barriers to school desks used by students, teachers and staff.

The Baltimore Sun recently highlighted how the Harford County Public Schools in Maryland are incorporating more than 40,000 plexiglass barriers purchased from ODP Business Solutions into their reopening plan.

Desk Shield Examples

According to the article:

“Superintendent Sean Bulson said he was ‘very impressed with the set up’ of plexiglass shields when he visited elementary schools last week, noting that they are used when students have to get close together in a classroom, but they can be removed if students are able to spread out.

“I think it created a good sense of that barrier for students, to add that extra layer [of safety],’ he said. ‘I think the schools have done a really good job organizing that, thinking through that, and I think it really does make a difference.”

Transforming Existing Furniture

A variety of school desk shields is available that can help provide physical barriers while allowing for visual interaction. Physical barriers are available in a number of configurations designed to work with different desk shapes. School districts may also opt to provide portable standing barriers for use in classrooms.

Physical barriers are available for other areas in schools as well. School desk shields can be added to teachers’ desks while preserving two-way visibility. A variety of physical barriers is available to add to school desks and counters used by administrators and office staff. For common areas, multiunit personal barriers can be added to tables.

Desk Shield Examples
Desk Shield Examples

Mounting Options

School desk shields are designed to securely attach to surfaces with adhesive or mounting pads. Designs with mounting pucks are easy to remove.

  • Stationary: attaches to surfaces with adhesive, mounting pads or brackets
  • Removable: attaches to surfaces with mounting pucks to enable removal
  • Portable: mounted on mobile carts to enable movement in the classroom or between locations

Materials and Formats

Desk shields are typically made from durable transparent materials that are resistant to shattering and can be washed with most nonabrasive cleaners. Some models of school desk shields can be folded for flat, compact storage.

Desk Shield Examples

Transforming Open Spaces

Demountable walls are another option for creating space divisions in classrooms, offices and other open spaces. Sliding partitions and privacy room enclosure walls are typically made of high-quality tempered or laminated glass and can be moved as needed since they are not permanent fixtures. Using demountable walls can add flexibility to the ways in which schools can implement physical barriers in their buildings.

Looking for insight and guidance to select school desk shields or demountable walls that work for your needs? We can help. ODP Business Solutions® Workspace Interiors has years of experience working with school districts to create spaces tailored for their specific needs. Learn more about our educational furniture services.

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