Reduce costs by streamlining your workplace

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Author: Marina Fletcher

Reduce costs by streamlining your workplace

Today’s economy demands that you run your business as lean as possible. But when you’re already at full capacity, how can you get a bird’s-eye view of your processes?

Let ODP Business Solutions help you streamline your workplace. With our business tools, solutions, and services, we can help you enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve procurement control.

Boost efficiency by optimizing workflows

Boost efficiency by optimizing workflows

Success and efficiency go hand in hand. When you collaborate with ODP Business Solutions, we can help you find ways to optimize your workflows and vendor relationships, so you can save time, enhance efficiency, and increase productivity.

Count on ODP Business Solutions when you want to:

  • Streamline processes
    We can help you increase efficiency in how you order, receive, pay, measure, and collectively manage your supply program.
  • Consolidate vendors
    You can gain peace of mind and maintain an effective supply program when you have fewer steps and one point of contact to prepare trends and key research.
  • Boost productivity
    Rely on us to provide solutions that simplify the way you keep your business prepared with furniture, supplies, and more.
Achieving cost savings can be simple

Achieving cost savings can be simple

Aim to improve your bottom line with help from ODP Business Solutions. We can use data to help you choose solutions that provide your organization with more value.

For example, our team can help you identify the items you use most frequently and show you how to focus your spend there. When you lean on ODP Business Solutions, you can save money and reduce additional soft-dollar costs. We can help you:

  • Focus spend
    Drive down your costs and realize overall savings by zeroing in on core items that you use most often or that have strategic value.
  • Analyze hard and soft costs
    Increase cost savings across multiple categories by evaluating hard and soft costs in detail.
Regain control of your workflows

Regain control of your workflows

Can you lower your organization’s costs by changing the way you make purchases? ODP Business Solutions can help you evaluate your purchasing process.

When you strengthen your organization’s level of control, you can reduce expensive procurement trends that raise your costs day in and day out. You can leverage the power of our tools and solutions to:

  • Reshape costly purchasing behaviors
    We can help you pinpoint how our tools can provide savings that can help reduce your expenses and your total cost of ownership.
  • Gain visibility into total spend
    Identify areas for savings, gain clarity, and get control over your workplace with insights from ODP Business Solutions about your company’s procurement.

Build your success with our solutions and services

Get the supplies, solutions, and services that you’re looking for from ODP Business Solutions. Our nationwide network can provide:

  • Office supplies
  • Furniture
  • Print, Promo, and Apparel
  • Facilities
  • Technology

Find out how we can help your organization achieve reduced costs and strive for success. Contact ODP Business Solutions today.

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