Create Work-From-Home Comfort at Your Office

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Author: Noelle Monek

Create Work-From-Home Comfort at Your Office

Hygge (pronounced HOO-guh) is a Danish and Norwegian word that means “to comfort.” While hygge might be hard to pronounce correctly, it’s easy to understand: It’s the cozy feeling we strive to create in our favorite personal spaces.

Many employees worked from home at some point during the last two years. As a result, people often cite “comfort” as one of the best parts of working remotely. In contrast, the standard workplace can feel stark and cold, with few spots that allow employees to rest or calm their minds.

With many people prioritizing their well-being, they may feel concern or apprehension about returning to the workplace. Giving employees a feeling of at-home comfort while they’re at work can make the transition easier, boost positivity and increase productivity.

Design hygge into your space from ?top to bottom

Design hygge into your space from top to bottom

Aiming to create hygge can change the entire vibe of an office. For example, instead of a conference table, a meeting room could have soft, configurable seating that fosters collaboration and discussion.

Consider these elements as you organize your space:

  • Relaxing spaces: Private nooks can give people quiet spots to disconnect from the busy office temporarily
  • Furniture: Storage options, footrests and colorful seating can lend coziness to any space
  • Natural elements: Bring in wood and stone surfaces, or add plants throughout
  • Communal lighting: Warmer light in breakrooms and other gathering places often feels more welcoming
  • Artwork: Increasing the textures and colors in a room can connect people and boost happiness
  • Breakroom amenities: Reusable dishes and self-serve options like hot tea can invite people to linger comfortably

Maybe you don’t have the ability to define spaces or change furniture or lighting. But even if you aren’t updating or designing an office, you can still infuse hygge into workspaces.

Small changes can add warmth to any space

Small changes can add warmth to any space

Hygge doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can create comfortable workspaces on a shoestring budget, even using items from home. Little adjustments like adding a plant to a desk or table can incorporate the principles of hygge.

Here are some small ways you can create hygge in any area of your office:

  • Nature: Brighten cubes and desks with green plants or fresh flowers
  • Lamps: Desk or table lamps warm up a workspace
  • Soft surfaces: Increase coziness with a rug or by adding a pillow to a chair
  • Personal touches: Ceramic mugs and artwork feel like home away from home

Even minor changes can reflect hygge in an employer’s culture and space. At a time when businesses may want to encourage people to go back to their traditional work environments, hygge may be one key to a successful transition.

We’ll help you infuse hygge into your office

The ODP Business Solutions® Workspace Interiors team is on top of trends in hygge. Our everyday work is designing spaces like yours. We understand what elements can work in different businesses, with a variety of employees in different workforces.

Our trained designers bring objectivity, using our resources and making recommendations based on seeing your space from a fresh perspective. We have access to comfortable furniture, artwork, rugs, lighting, storage pieces, throw pillows and more. We can help you set up communal break spaces in a way that feels cozy, even providing you with breakroom supplies if you need them. At any budget, we can help employers find ways to optimize space and incorporate hygge.

Contact Workspace Interiors today.

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