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Using Contracts to Purchase Public Sector Office Furniture

Have you heard that you can gain a competitive advantage by managing materials smarter? This has actually shifted from being an ace in the hole to a key survival skill for today’s organizations, including those in the public sector. With continual budget cuts that affect the head count for departments and entities, reducing expenses can mean saving a job for someone who otherwise may have been on the chopping block. In cases where fewer people are doing more work, streamlining processes can make a big impact in the efficiency department as well.

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Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infections: Furniture That Protects

Did you know that intelligently designed furniture can become an important part of infection prevention efforts? Although it might seem as if healthcare furniture and reimbursements aren’t connected, damage-resistant surfaces and minimal furniture joints (which reduce the harboring of bacteria) can form a frontline defense in patient rooms. 

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The Art of Project Management

When most people think of project management, they think of a linear process — in sequential order. Details such as certifications, logistics, lead times, labor scheduling and deliveries are common boxes to be checked off. However, there’s more to project management than meets the eye. Why? Because checklist items are only half of the story. The other half is what we sometimes refer to as the art of project management.

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Wellness in the Workplace: From Sit-Stand to Stability Balls

We’ve all heard recent talk of sitting being vilified as the new smoking — along with chatter about what to do about it. With countless studies that highlight the negative impacts of sitting for prolonged periods being released, wellness has recently been finding its way into workplaces in unexpected ways. Designers have become savvy at integrating activity and wellness into office spaces.

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Three Steps to Furnishing Your Office in a Rush and on Budget — and Making it Awesome

Imagine this: You’re the office manager for a company with 50 employees. You come into the office one Monday morning to a note that reads, “We have a training class starting next Monday. Please have the new training room set up and ready to go.” What?!? Deep breaths. You can do this.

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It's Yours for the Making: Putting Makerspaces to Work in Your School

If you work in the world of education, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about makerspaces in recent years. But what you may not have heard, is a breakdown of what makes makerspaces powerful and the many design considerations necessary for creating a successful one.

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